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Christine Savard is an independent singer, songwriter and producer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Her musical style blends elements of indie, alt-rock and pop–often pairing acoustic instrumentation with synths and effects to create a dreamy atmosphere and colorful sound. Her vocal performances have been described as “bright, warm, expressive and tender”. 

Christine has released four singles as an independent artist. Her latest self-produced record titled "Wicked Woman” (2022) –delivers a moody, dark indie vibe, driven by organic riveting bass and snappy acoustic drums. The project involved collaborations with a talented pool of musicians from around the globe. Christine also released her first official music video for "Wicked Woman" to coincide with the release of the song, which she produced and co-directed. 

Christine grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and discovered her passion for music at a young age while studying classical piano. She started out writing classical instrumentals and got into songwriting and singing later on while studying design in Toronto. Inspired by the local EDM scene, she started out producing experimental electronic music and built a catalogue of unreleased demos. After making her way to Canada’s West Coast, she thrived among a group of performance artists and folk musicians who often coaxed her to open for their live bands, performing ballads with just piano and vocals. After some further collaborations with other producers, she finally honed in on her current sound.

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